Oculoplasty Clinic

Orbit and oculoplasty is a subspecialty, which deals with various anomalies of lacrimal system (tear drainage system) , ocular adnexa( structures surrounding the eye, soft tissue and any orbital (eye socket ) disorders.

The institute has excellent facilities in te form of diagnostic equipments to improve upon evaluation of aforementioned disorders. Radiological investigative procedures like Ultrasonography (USG ;including A scan & B scan) are available at the institute itself, whereas others like X ray , CT scan , MRI are available at the N.H.L municipal medical college and V.S hospital ( the municipal hospital to which NAGRI EYE HOSPITAL is attached).

Our operation theatres are also provided with excellent operating microscopes and surgical instruments, radiofrequency cutting –coagulating system, bipolar& unipolar cautery units useful in oculoplastic surgical procedures.

Various plastic surgeries are performed on a regular basis for eye lid disorders like PTOSIS (drooping of lids) , ENTROPION & ECTROPION ( inward and outward turning of eyelid margins respectively). For diseases affecting the tear drainage system, LACRIMAL PROBING, DCT, DCR along with ORBITOTOMIES for bony and soft tissue orbital disorders are performed.

Surgeries like ENUCLEATION, EVISCERATION, FORNIX RECONSTUCTION, ORBITAL IMPLANTS (removal of non seeing /blind eyes followed by artificial eye) are done to improve the comfort and appearance of needful patients.

Cases following orbital /ocular trauma are also dealt with and various reconstructive procedures like LID RECONSTRUCTION, with SKIN GRAFTING & REPAIR OF ORBITAL FRACTURES are performed.

Department also has a well functional microbiology & pathology unit to provide assistance and help us improve upon our diagnostic and management skills.