Cornea Clinic


MONDAY-THURSDAY - 9:00am To 3:00 pm

Cornea is the transparent tissue covering the front of the eye. It is a powerful refractive surface and provides about 2/3rd of the eye's focusing power. Diseases of the cornea lead to loss of its transparency, thus reducing the vision.

About 2.5 million people in India suffer from corneal blindness. Hence early diagnosis and prompt management of this problem is absolutely mandatory.

Cornea clinic, an integral part of Nagri eye hospital works for prevention and treatment of the wide range of corneal disorders like corneal infections, injuries, dystrophies, dry eyes, ocular surface disorders etc. Every year we treat approximately 3000 patients with corneal diseases.

Corneal blindness can be caused by diseases affecting the transparency of the cornea like corneal ulcer, opacities, ectasias, injuries, congenital corneal diseases that cause symptoms like decreased vision ,pain , watering , foreignbodysensation, redness etc.

Facilities available at corneal clinic:

Complete microbiological workup including staining and culture for corneal infections.
Detailed anterior segment and corneal imaging facilities (topography, ultrasonobiography)
Facilities for corneal transplantation (for more detail, view eye bank)


  • Dr. Amit Patel
  • Dr. Dipali Satani
  • Dr. Shwetambari Singh